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Intelligent Charging Limited

Intelligent Charging Limited has a long history of producing state-of-the-art, electronically controlled battery chargers and capacity testers for military uses, commercial airlines and aviation service companies.

Used by the British Royal Navy & Air Force and many airlines, recommended by leading aircraft and battery manufacturers, the Intelligent Charging range of automatic battery charger/analysers have a proven track record world-wide.

They are vital maintenance equipment for any battery-critical applications.


Military, Commercial & Helicopters

Our standard units are fully automatic, universal combined Battery Charger / Analysers that will capacity-test lead-acid AND Ni-Cad / Ni-Mh batteries

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Yachts to Large Ships

Everywhere from small yachts to the largest ocean going vessels, there is an increasing reliance on electronic equipment for control, navigation and communication systems

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Locomotives & Rolling Stock

Lighting, heating and communication systems must remain functional in the event of power failures, and so the battery packs are a critical part of the on-board safety equipment

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Navy, Air Force & Army

Intelligent Charging have supplied equipment for use with all battery technologies for surface warships and submarines, aircraft, ground vehicles, UAV drones

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Telecoms, Computers & Communications

Battery failure at a remote mobile phone transmitter mast is very disruptive and expensive, a rigorous test & maintenance can help

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Emergency Power Supplies

Generators, Computer Servers etc

Designed to prevent a power supply problem turning into a disaster or emergency

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“Before we had the IC50A charger/analyser each battery would take a minimum 14 hour or overnight charge period. Now we can fully charge a battery within 5 hours”

Trevor Pratley, Supervisor for all electrical and calibration services at KLM UK Engineering

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