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Aimed at smaller battery packs such as aircraft emergency lighting and other critical applications, the IC8A has been developed with size and affordability in mind.

Operationally, the IC8A has all the same features same as the MB73+, MB73P+ & IC50A models. Being universal – like other members of the family – any cell combination can be catered for. The IC8A also supports use of our the cell monitor for accurate cell charging and capacity testing plus cell balancing. If you require the results to be printed please view our new IC8P model.

The unit can charge and capacity test up to 12.0A on 12V batteries and 6.0A on 24.0V batteries.

See full product details below for all its advanced features.

***NEW***  The IC8P is a new development of the IC8A that has an integral printer.

Data Sheet
Operators Manual

Product Details for IC8A

  • Charge Up To 12.0A For 12.0V Batteries
  • Charge Up To 6.0A For 24.0V Batteries
  • Capacity Test Up To 12.0A For 12.0V Batteries
  • Capacity Test Up To 6.0A For 24.0V Batteries
  • Resolution 10mA
  • Maximum of 144W capacity test


  • Can Charge And Capacity Test Batteries From 1.2V up to 36.0V
  • Charges All Battery Technologies
  • Constant Voltage Charge
  • Constant Current Charge
  • Constant Current 4 Step Charge – Steps Can Be Used As Rest Periods
  • Battery Failure Or Overcharge Detection
  • User-Programmed Battery Data Libraries


  • Battery Volts Amps & Time Displayed On A Clear Display
  • Shows Calibration Status


  • Audio Alarm To Indicate Process Completion Or Failure
  • Internally Protected From Overloads
  • Reverse Or No Battery Connection Protected
  • Automatically Shuts Down If Battery Disconnected During Charge


  • 6.0kg (13lbs)
  • W. 18 x D. 24 x H. 15cm (W. 7 x D. 9.4 x H. 5.9 inches)
  • 240V 50Hz Mains Input. 115V Option Available
  • Bench Mounted
  • Set Of Leads 60cm Long With 4mm Plugs & Croc Clips
  • 1 Year RTB Warranty
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