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Service, Repair and Calibration


Intelligent Charging Limited recommends that all battery charger models should have a yearly calibration check to ensure that the unit is operating within the required specifications.

Intelligent Charging Limited is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 Quality standard and calibration is done in our Ford House workshop by trained staff using equipment calibrated by a UKAS accredited company.

Once repairs are completed the units will go through a rigorous burn-in test to ensure that operation and relibabilty are satisfied. After these burn-in tests are completed all units will undergo our standard calibration procedure before being returned.

Calibration is undertaken within one or two days of receipt of unit provided the unit is in full working order. We will supply a calibration result sheet and a numbered calibration certificate. Please contact us for a quote.

Calibration and repair can be provided for all units built by Intelligent Charging Limited, and the following superceded models: –



ALPHADATA DESIGNS:  TS25 / TS25R / TS1340 / TS1340+ / TS2X020

We also have an archive of old manuals for obsolete equiptment stored in the downloads section to the right.

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